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Delicious Like A Piccadilly

You are damn straight I’m too old for anything called Bebo.  Me and anyone else over say, 8? And I didn’t even know Myspace was still around. Wait, I bet if you work at Fox News you have to have one. Ok, that makes sense. But Livejournal?  I always though people who mentioned Delicious to me were older. Now I know it’s true.

Interesting study. Link has more graphs.


A Quick Little Ado About Much Ado

zine dudes

All the videos and pictures get thrown up later while I’m at work.  I had an amazing time and it definitely seems like everyone else did too.  A special thanks to Ft. Myers for coming up to represent and do there dishes at my house. Always the best.

the roar

I explained to the Jaguars Cheerleaders that I work at the library and do storytime.  They still gave me weird looks.  Who cares. I’m sure a few of them will show up to storytime now. Right?

One Beast Band

Holy hell.  I ordered this and it came yesterday.   I know this seems like your standard ‘aging punk mixed with that quiet indie rocker I’m gonna record a solo record’ crap, but..  well, that is exactly what’s going on here.

This year is catching up to me fast, and seriously – it’s 2010.  Let’s roll out some technology people.  A robot isn’t cleaning my house, so what else can I get?  Oh yes, I need a USB audio interface that sounds crystal clear.  You know, so when I track and record the noisiest messed up grind songs in my garage it sounds like the bomb.  That, and I have internet at my house now.   Late winters, economy and earthquakes be damned, 2010 will work out just fine.

Unfun nerd facts about this little box.  It’s called a Tascam US-100.  One 1/4″ guitar cable jack and an XLR Mic Jack.  Preamped inputs to digitize vinyl.

Recovery from all the rad Much Ado About Zines will surely involve some recording.  Tracks to go up up sometime.  I’ll also use it to throw up some rad songs from my record collection to the site.

This headache sucks.  More on Much Ado later.  Punx ruled it.

Post First Lodge Show

Gypsy Spit

All killer no filler! What a great place for shows and a rad line up of bands for the first show!  It’s in my neighborhood, and next to a late night coffee shop that has food.  Thank you Ian and Marianne!  More pics from the show are here.

The bands were rad too. Hallelujah isn’t a band anyone, but the three instrumentalists of that older group played out some new stuff last night. Songs they had obviously been practicing for a long time. You could tell they’ve been playing together for some time. An extra treat for sure. I’d like to say more, but they don’t even have a name yet.

Killscreen is from St. Augustine and used to be called Buttons.  Good sludgy and rocking stuff. Not to the bands discredit, but I think they played a bit long.

Gypsy Spit was next. Rad.  Spence is a great guitar player and the other bands players I knew would be solid from other bands.   Erik from Civilization sang and it worked super well. The demo I downloaded is great! (scroll down for older post for the link.) Good mix of d-beat and grindy elements. Lots of quick and well thought out changes.

Unfortunately that was it for my night of bands. I’d seen Cough and Besotes before, and knew the next day at work with Much Ado would require to at least get to bed before 2am.

Besotes though, is full on recommended. Tom the guitarist does a appropriately and perfectly humble  label called Skinny Records. Many (more) solid things to come from that.  Thanks for taking a semester of school to make great things happen Tom. In fact they are going at it again this Saturday February 27th. Here’s the.. well.. Skinny. Copy and posted from your favorite updaters, Jaxscene.

Come out to Warehouse 8B Saturday Feb. 27th to see awesome performances by:

The Andalusians (Dischord Records, DC)

and these other Jax locals:

Opiate Eyes (Skinny Records)

Besotes (Skinny Records)

& Honey Chamber (Infintesmal Records)

The cost is only $3-$5…
So don’t miss out!

Jacksonville Radio 89.9 Right Now

Tune in to WJCT 89.9 FM at 9:00am today! Where First Coast Connect will be doing a segment on the Zine programs at Much Ado About Books. Host Melissa Ross will be interviewing Shelton Hull and Alan Justiss about zines and their own writings..

Listen online if you’re nowhere near a radio.

Media Intake 1.2.3

1. Mega props for Folio Weekly’s ‘Art’ section for throwing up some solid information about Zines at Much Ado About Books.  Dear punx, this isn’t your mommas MAAB – so see ya there.

2. The Times Union throws down some quotes about the zine collection and how it’ll be at Riverside Arts Market here.  Thanks a million times again to the Zen Cog bike shop for donating the Zine Mobile.  Garf from Zen Cog snapped a shot of me picking it up.


I still buy records.  But until I get a record player for my desk, I’ll download stuff at work.  Here is the newest release from Iron Lung.  Three songs of the new-fangled-but-keeps-it-real-2010-power-violence.  New stuff that reminds me of different times,  like when they played at Inertia Record’s Springfield location.  That was fun.

1. Exposed
2. No Room (Sex/Vid)
3. Nothing

Download here.

I reposted it from the music blog If I Could Die Tomorrow.  Check it regulary.

Work Attire Redux

You know, I got dressed up for work.  Todays storytime about space is about to get professional.