Much Ado About Zines

It’s like having the good idea and a light bulb, or hundreds, appear over your head…

I know a lot of people will be at Tallahassee’s Fresh Fest.  But if you aren’t going to that for the great rockin’ out, come check out the Main Library this Saturday.

SATURDAY (Feb. 27) at the MAIN LIBRARY – right by the Zine Collection!

10:45 – 11:30
Ian Koss (Ink 19), Joe LaChut (Seven Inches to Freedom), Tom Pennington (The Hum, Reax) and Max Michaels (Movement Magazine) will be discussing their history with zines, the importance of independent publishing, and the role of the Internet in publishing.

12:00 – 12:45
Authors Duncan B. Barlow (Super Cell Anemia), Patrick Hughes (Diaries of Indignities), Shelton Hull (Folio Weekly, Section 8 ) and poet Alan Justiss (too many to list) will read from their own original work.

More info at:


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