One Beast Band

Holy hell.  I ordered this and it came yesterday.   I know this seems like your standard ‘aging punk mixed with that quiet indie rocker I’m gonna record a solo record’ crap, but..  well, that is exactly what’s going on here.

This year is catching up to me fast, and seriously – it’s 2010.  Let’s roll out some technology people.  A robot isn’t cleaning my house, so what else can I get?  Oh yes, I need a USB audio interface that sounds crystal clear.  You know, so when I track and record the noisiest messed up grind songs in my garage it sounds like the bomb.  That, and I have internet at my house now.   Late winters, economy and earthquakes be damned, 2010 will work out just fine.

Unfun nerd facts about this little box.  It’s called a Tascam US-100.  One 1/4″ guitar cable jack and an XLR Mic Jack.  Preamped inputs to digitize vinyl.

Recovery from all the rad Much Ado About Zines will surely involve some recording.  Tracks to go up up sometime.  I’ll also use it to throw up some rad songs from my record collection to the site.

This headache sucks.  More on Much Ado later.  Punx ruled it.


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