Post First Lodge Show

Gypsy Spit

All killer no filler! What a great place for shows and a rad line up of bands for the first show!  It’s in my neighborhood, and next to a late night coffee shop that has food.  Thank you Ian and Marianne!  More pics from the show are here.

The bands were rad too. Hallelujah isn’t a band anyone, but the three instrumentalists of that older group played out some new stuff last night. Songs they had obviously been practicing for a long time. You could tell they’ve been playing together for some time. An extra treat for sure. I’d like to say more, but they don’t even have a name yet.

Killscreen is from St. Augustine and used to be called Buttons.  Good sludgy and rocking stuff. Not to the bands discredit, but I think they played a bit long.

Gypsy Spit was next. Rad.  Spence is a great guitar player and the other bands players I knew would be solid from other bands.   Erik from Civilization sang and it worked super well. The demo I downloaded is great! (scroll down for older post for the link.) Good mix of d-beat and grindy elements. Lots of quick and well thought out changes.

Unfortunately that was it for my night of bands. I’d seen Cough and Besotes before, and knew the next day at work with Much Ado would require to at least get to bed before 2am.

Besotes though, is full on recommended. Tom the guitarist does a appropriately and perfectly humble  label called Skinny Records. Many (more) solid things to come from that.  Thanks for taking a semester of school to make great things happen Tom. In fact they are going at it again this Saturday February 27th. Here’s the.. well.. Skinny. Copy and posted from your favorite updaters, Jaxscene.

Come out to Warehouse 8B Saturday Feb. 27th to see awesome performances by:

The Andalusians (Dischord Records, DC)

and these other Jax locals:

Opiate Eyes (Skinny Records)

Besotes (Skinny Records)

& Honey Chamber (Infintesmal Records)

The cost is only $3-$5…
So don’t miss out!


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