Excellent Neighborhoodisms

Coming someday…

…to 228 E. Forsyth St.   Burro Bags for things to carry things and a new record store a la Hip Hop Hell and Moon Colony Razorblade.  I’m a bit more stoked on the record store.  Excellent accompaniment for a downtown lunch. Plus the whole angle of  ‘ we currently don’t have any record stores’ should be favorable.  Am I pissed that Vinyl Frontier or Weird Wax or whatever closed up and still owes me $80?  Naw. karma owes me.  So I get a record store walking distance from my workplace. Score.

Meanwhile this place is already open.

I stopped by a few times after meeting up at Zencog to muster up that bike trailer donation.  So far I’ve had the pastries and passion fruit creme brulees. I dig em all.  More info at http://www.bakerymoderne.com/.

This little strip on Stockton is getting nice.  Zencog, Bakery Moderne… I haven’t been to 13 Gypsy’s yet.  Recommended?

And what’s going on with that old school and Stockton and King?  All I know is, the Weaver’s own it and all the windows are being replaced.


2 responses to “Excellent Neighborhoodisms

  • Larry Fiske

    Rumor has it that the school is being transformed into condos.

    • Josh Jubinsky

      And that is what I heard years ago. You’d think with that whole economic downturn, bad housing market and those condos on Margaret and Riverside being fairly worthless and empty – it might be something else.

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