Mehkago NT Show at The Lodge

I nearly forgot it was St. Patty’s day at all.  Until of course I got to the show and the Lodge was over filling with green beer and the kind of people that drive to Mardi Gras for the wrong reasons.  A few different worlds collided that night.

Galactoid is going to be a good band.  Maybe they even are, and just had a severely off night.  Maybe it was the guitarist constantly and incorrectly tuning that was annoying.  Or the long pauses between songs for apparently no reason.  That stuff normally makes me think ‘OK,  I’ll be more stoked to see this band in a year.’  But what really topped the ‘you guys kind of sucked tonight’ meter was:

1.) Starting a dumb fight.
2.) Continuing to playing during the fight.

One of the coolest things I’ve ever see a band do, is stop playing when a fight broke out.  It makes you at least seem like you care and don’t want people to get hurt.   It shows you have some respect for people in the audience.   I’ve seen some pretty average and great bands playing when a fight broke out.  When they handle it well – at least get on the mic and call out the fighting morons – it’s like this average band are now at least nice people.  Bands, be nice people.

And really, at that point no one cares about your music anyway. And if things are quiet for a few minutes the whole stupid fight thing can get figured out much quicker.  At least then you can get back to torturing us by tuning your guitar and wasting time.

Anyway,  Foul Intent played next.  Sam has always been in amazing bands.  They all have this thread of similarity to them that I like.  His bands are always super tight and well rehearsed –  and Foul Intent was no exception. Nothing gimmicky – they weren’t really, really loud or hyped up or had dumb props.  Just straight up good.  Sam plays drums and sings and two girls cover the bass and guitar parts exceedingly well.  Sam has a small tape label and last night I got the Foul Intent cassette and one from his other band Ives.  Already listen to bit a both and they sound great.  Not just blown out noise so so many bands put on tape these days.  Something coherent, catchy, tough, and local.

Starring Daggers

Then Staring Daggers played. Very solid and definitely has the big in-your-face-gear thing going on. Quinn hold his drumsticks upside down because you can’t buy em big enough. I honestly have no idea what Jaymz does besides play bass is good bands. Having Jason as a second guitarist is a big plus. I’ve always gotten jealous and anxious to start another band when I see people who get to just be singers. I know these guys have a tape released and I’m thinking have some other things in the works (?). Without a doubt, this is a Jacksonville band that needs to get out of town more.

Mehkago NT

Mehkago NT played last and was the only band from out of town.  Metallic crusty hardcore coming from Miami.   I knew the previous two drummers of the band pretty well,  so it was a bit weird seeing them without either of those people.  Also they used to have a third guitarist – maybe they still do for fests and all?  They were really good.  Maybe by the time they came on I was just tired of green beer (never!) and stupid fights and inhaling lots of  smoke from dumbass people who still smoke.  Maybe I was just tired and knew i had to do a storytime about bugs in the AM.  They were great though – I was just ready to roll.  Having them back to back with Staring Daggers helps you see how similar the bands are live, and makes me wonder why they haven’t done a record together.  Gentlemen, make it happen.

You can check out other pictures from the show here.


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