New Zombie Bikes

On Friday my friend Elizabeth and I biked up to the new Zombie bikes location.   It’s close to the corner of Main St. and First St. – across Main from the Pearl and down First a bit. There we met up with Joe Gaskin and he toured us around the new facility, which is very much in it’s infancy.

So a lot of work needs to be done – mostly organizing and cleaning.   Last week Gary and Joe constructed this stage though.  Having it be a venue for Mic and Bike III definitely got discussed and I’m excited.

The building used to be a facility for making “BacZymes”, a pet deodorizer spray. Seeing as how they have more than a few 55 gallon drums of the stuff, you may be seeing Zombie Bikes getting into the pet deodorizer business.

Check out all the photos from my visit here.


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