Radial Arm Saw – Day 2

I spent a good long while looking up table designs, etc.  I definitely want it to house the miter saw I have as well as hold the wet/dry vac underneath the saw.  I’m getting most of the lumber for that from my dad. It’ll be nice to get the materials for free, I just have to wait until we can get the wood up to Jacksonville.

So I thought what a good opportunity to not only remove the existing table and cabinet, but clean and regrease the saw.  See previous posts for pics of the saw with table and cabinet.

This morning before work I had time to work on this. I got the cabinet and table fully removed. I still need to smooth out the saw where it was welded to the table and just clean up as much of the machine as possible. I’m already taking off some of the more simple parts for cleaning, and I’ll be replacing things like simple machine screws that are rusty, etc.  Everything else gets some sanding and oil.

I’m definitely not ordering any parts from sears for replacement.  I tried ordering a miter gauge for my table saw and over the course of one month I just got a bunch and random miter gauge parts. And of course was missing some essential ones that they are now out of…


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