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Zine Collection Video

Clay, Thanks for making the Jacksonvile Public Library Zine Collection the focus of your class project! Watch me on camera very uncomfortably sitting at a chair and table designed for a child.

An Introduction to the Jacksonville Zine Library by Clay Doran


Tuesday – Wednesday

Bike home in crazy wind to see this big branch in my yard.
I was just glad it didn’t land on the house or garage. I was home for about 5 minutes, and I had the chainsaw going.  Cut it up and took it to road. I think most people would be bummed about a huge limp falling, and it probably would have sat for days until they took care it. I was downright excited. Ha! Chainsaws and beer.

Then I finished up mothers day present, neighbors brought by grapefruits. Stupid wii, which we basically use only for Netflix, broke. Slept.

Woke up early to make huevos rancheros. Hell yes.

Went fishing, didn’t catch any keepers. Brought a strawberry plant to a neighbor. Wii customer service ruled. Went to work.

Righteous night and morning.

Last Sunday’s Show

Mouthbreather, Tubers, AC Deathstrike and Vicious Fishes @ Lomax Lodge.

It got started a bit late (.. for Jacksonville, for Sunday, etc) since the Lodge shows an episode of Twin Peaks every Sunday.

But, in order of who played…

AC Deathstrike

They were awesome! I had only seen them once before. Mega-poppy! Listen to them here.   Live they are a bit more loud and rocking then the mp3s they have posted.  All good though!


I’ll always love tubers – whether it’s tubing down a river, or eating a tuber from a garden. If I could surf I bet I’d love getting in the tube.  I also love this band Tubers.   I loved watching them night after night in Europe for weeks and weeks, and you would too. You can listen to them here.


What a collection of assholes.  Not really.  These guys rule and have a good time.  John Martin sings and when I go to Best Friends Day in RVA, and don’t want to sleep face down in a ditch, he let’s me crash with him.  Very exclusively, too.  He’s down to party, but not at his house of BFD weekend.   This band did a split 7″ with the band Environmental Youth Crunch that I’m in. Listen to them here.

Vicious Fishes

No pictures from the show of these guys, but here we are at my wedding.  Listen to us here. We used to be called Environmental Youth Crunch – so you know… when you go record shopping look for that name.

RAS Table Days 4, 5 and 6?

Here’s the design I made up for the first part of the radial arm saw cabinet.

It’s the first of three sections (and obviously not the part that houses the saw). Two drawers will go up top. And the shelving below will be closed in with plywood on the back and sides. The reason the whole cabinet will be in sections is so, when I eventually move, I can take it with me. Also, if for whatever reason in the future I don’t need one part of it or don’t have space for it, I can downsize it.

I’ve been watching too many videos on how to use Google’s free sketchup program, and not spending enough time in the shop. But, as fate would have it, my job dictates that I be in front of computer most of the day instead of in my garage drinking beer, listening to loud music and running sharp blades at 3000 RPMs.  So while the design gets done a little bit each day, the parts get cut a little bit each night.

Nearly all the parts are cut now, and here is the first part of the bottom assembled.

I know that’s a really unexciting picture.

Sunday April 25th at Lomax Lodge

…and VICIOUS FISHES are playing as well. Sort of a last minute addition. We wanted to practice and see if we remembered anything since we haven’t played since Gainesville Fest in October.

When Vicious Fishes was called Environmental Youth Crunch we did a split 7″ with Mouthbreather.  They’re a rad band and should not be missed.  Listen to them here.

FLA Presentation

Due to my family’s loss, I missed giving my part of the presentation at the Florida Library Associate conference.  The other three in my group filled in for me and did a stellar job from everything I hear.  After Harvest of Hope, Arts Market, Tough Junkie performance, and FLA – I think now everyone on the zine committee is looking forward to a little bit of rest.

Here’s a link to the presentation.

Radial Arm Saw – Day 3

On Friday and Saturday I was in Daytona helping family with preparations for my grandpas funeral.   The obituary is here.

On Sunday I had time to work on this saw more.  Fittingly, this saw was my grandpas and hadn’t been used in a while.  I’m taking the time to clean it and fix it up best I can.

Here’s the before:

And after:

Of course, the parts that needed, and got the most, cleaning are parts that just got covered up when the whole thing was reassembled.

So the saw is all back together. While I was in Ormond Beach this past weekend I picked up 6 of these fir plywood panels. This will be the basis for the saw cabinet I’m making.