RAS Table Days 4, 5 and 6?

Here’s the design I made up for the first part of the radial arm saw cabinet.

It’s the first of three sections (and obviously not the part that houses the saw). Two drawers will go up top. And the shelving below will be closed in with plywood on the back and sides. The reason the whole cabinet will be in sections is so, when I eventually move, I can take it with me. Also, if for whatever reason in the future I don’t need one part of it or don’t have space for it, I can downsize it.

I’ve been watching too many videos on how to use Google’s free sketchup program, and not spending enough time in the shop. But, as fate would have it, my job dictates that I be in front of computer most of the day instead of in my garage drinking beer, listening to loud music and running sharp blades at 3000 RPMs.  So while the design gets done a little bit each day, the parts get cut a little bit each night.

Nearly all the parts are cut now, and here is the first part of the bottom assembled.

I know that’s a really unexciting picture.


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