Tuesday – Wednesday

Bike home in crazy wind to see this big branch in my yard.
I was just glad it didn’t land on the house or garage. I was home for about 5 minutes, and I had the chainsaw going.  Cut it up and took it to road. I think most people would be bummed about a huge limp falling, and it probably would have sat for days until they took care it. I was downright excited. Ha! Chainsaws and beer.

Then I finished up mothers day present, neighbors brought by grapefruits. Stupid wii, which we basically use only for Netflix, broke. Slept.

Woke up early to make huevos rancheros. Hell yes.

Went fishing, didn’t catch any keepers. Brought a strawberry plant to a neighbor. Wii customer service ruled. Went to work.

Righteous night and morning.


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