Biblioklept Interview

My neighbor Ed has a very cerebral, and yet down to earth, literary blog called Biblioklept.   After hearing more and more about the zine collection, he asked about interviewing me.

“Jacksonville Public Library’s Zine Collection is one of the first–and largest– such collections in the Southeastern United States. Librarian and collection archivist Josh Jubinsky was kind enough to talk to Biblioklept about the collection, the essence of punk, the future of zines in an increasingly technologically-mediated world, and the million-fart bill. We corresponded via email, although we could have done the interview in person easily–in full disclosure, I should mention that Josh lives down the street from Biblioklept World Headquarters.”

Yeah, over email.  Ed’s good to walk past while I’m walking the dog, run into at Home Depot, have some beers with etc.  But talking shop on the weekends? Naw.

Check out the interview here.  You might become painfully aware that my ‘conversational’ typing is actually just a whole lot of run on sentences.  Sorry!


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