DTR-005 Fiya “Room For One More” 7″

This is the fifth record I put out, sort of…  The 3rd was a CDR compilation of  Dead Tank releases and friends bands, the 4th was going to be a Kite Flying Discography –  that was taking too long and Init Records wanted to do it more, and yes – OK.   This was the fifth.

At the time I had only known Fiya through the “s/t” 7″ they released with Travis Fristoe’s Obscurist Press.  I loved that 7″.   I always had copies of it in my distro aas well as the CDR version the band made.   Somewhere in all that nonsense I saw them play a few times – probably constantly heckling  “I want to release your next record” over and over.

And so it happened.  And at the time, I knew the record was great.  But seriously –  every time I listen to it it gets better.   I even included some lyrics from the last song “Room For One More.”

About 80 of the records had these silk screened covers, the rest were printed at Imprint.

Room For One More

What now? We’ve got our back catalogues. We’ve got our frames of reference. We’ve got our identities. Yeah, and we’ve got mounting debts, and we’ve got alcohol shakes, and we’ve got fading hopes, and we’ve growing guilt, and history to threaten us, privilege to fall back on, vivid fear to run from, less and less time to spare. And who among us didn’t believe that she could defy her circumstances, that he could surpass his destiny, that we could create our destiny?   But we talk like fucking asholes now. Our lives warn against hope. Our words punish hope. We act like fucking assholes now, prescribe failure and compromise, predict defeat and repetition and humiliation.

Download it here –http://joshjubinsky.com/mp3/Fiya.rar


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