Shop update

All is said and done for now, and I have a pretty sweet set up with a good amount of space. The radial arm saw cabinet and table is done, and I got the othr old kitchen cabinet from the house up on the wall.   An old metal table with drawers works out perfect for the little drill press I have, as well as for storing drills, bits etc.   I have too much space for things, and that’s a good problem to have. Although I’ve very conscious of keeping unwanted junk out of the garage and cluttering it up.

The old / new cabinets in the house are almost done.  Building a top for the second one is up next.  Then, ideally, two end tables and a matching coffee table for the living room.  I’ve been pouring over scads of books about furniture design right now, as well as just books about tools, jigs and ways to use them.  Never a bad time to work at the library.  Especially with being able to work overtime for vacation time.  All this stuff set up at the house and projects I want to complete, just makes you want to take a few weeks off work and do something.  Like these people? Not quite.

This should be a video of me using the new radial arm saw. If it’s not just watch it here.


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