Jacksonville Library Hours

So the library hours are restored now.

The Jacksonville City Council’s Finance Committee has tentatively approved restoring the hours to five library branches where services were cut earlier this year. The committee agreed to reduce the Jacksonville Public Library’s materials budget by approximately $540,000 in order to free up money to finance the restored library hours.

Earlier this year, five library branches’ operating hours were reduced to 20 a week. In addition, the Sunday hours were eliminated at four regional libraries.

Taken from The Times Union article here.

Excellent timing, too.   A recent survey released this year by OCLC, a nonprofit library co-operative and research organization, found that public libraries in the U.S. lend an average 2.1 million videos every day. That’s just over the 2 million that Netflix ships. The report stated that the other top competitors, Redbox and Blockbuster, register at 1.4 million and 1.2 million. That makes sense.  I’ve literally had Blockbuster employees tell me they use the library and Netflix.

And frankly, I can’t help but think of libraries as being a bit more personal and friendly as well.  Plus, we have books, and programs such as teaming up with WJCT for Voices of The First Coast.  Our own homegrown Storycorps project.

This all reminds me of this most excellent advertisement I remember seeing for Gainesville’s Video Rodeo.

As much as I love it, I’m glad libraries are winning the ‘circulation standoff’ and don’t have to run ads such as these.


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