Tourist Trap

So this band once existed for about a year in Jacksonville, Florida called Tourist Trap.  Forgive the slight bias I have as a guitarist in the band, but we were really good.  It’s funny how bands can exist as a flash in the pan, or inversely, something akin to institution – sometimes faltering, but always there.  Unending.  As a band, we all got more or less busy with other things or uninterested.  Or maybe just the  subconscious burning out vs fading away on our heels got the best of us.  Maybe that’s saying too much, being too serious, for what is essentially just another hardcore punk band.  Although, Jacksonville doesn’t have many of those – so our time in the (Florida) sun was enjoyed.

This video’s introduction with the Reax logo is all too fitting.  Remember when Tom from Jaxscene worked there? For like 4 months?  That’s just it. Stuff just doesn’t last, eh?

Equally befitting is this flyer from the first show. The one we didn’t play because a picnic table full of people collapsed on Christiana’s (singer) leg.  The night was spent in two different hospitals instead of a show.   I think Shanty Town has gotten new tables since then.

So yes, ending won over unending, and that’s that.

Regardless, we recorded some songs with Tom Essex of Skinny Records fame.  Here they are, in – actually – a particular order.  More or less the order we wrote them.  Enjoy.

The last song, Legal Drugs, was one we never played out. Erik is singing.

You can also check out the band webpage here. Some more videos, pictures, and some one microphone recordings.


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