New stuff!

So, fairly simultaneously, I finished painting and installing the cabinets for the laundry room of our house and got a new camera.

The cabinets are from my parents house.  I wrote about that a while back.  The countertop is by a guy I met at the Riverside Arts Markets. He has a commercial woodshop that I went to see on my lunch break one day. It was awesome. And after pricing countertops at Lowes, or even pricing a sheet of formica laminate, I realized it’s be cheaper to have this guy do it.   Especially because I wasn’t to savvy on inviting me messing up a perfectly good $150 piece of formica, only to spend another $150 to try again.

We still haven’t installed the sink. We’re getting a different one with one large tub, instead of two separate ones.

Anyway, the picture above is with the old camera.  Here is one with the new camera. Ironically, it may actually look a little grainy since I had it set to take huge pictures.

Although the real difference is fairly obvious. Well, one of two things are happening.  My new camera turns dogs into bones –  or turns dogs into cats.

Here is the other new cabinet. I still haven’t built a permanent top for it.

And the new cabinet with the new camera…

Again, I’m not quite sure what’s going on, but the lack of dog is pervasive.  It should be noted that I haven’t seen Hannah since the taking of this picture.

I recently read about the first digital camera ever developed.  December of 1975.  And here I thought when I got a Commodore 64 I was this advanced computing prodigious child.

The camera stored the images on a cassette tape! The fact that I “store” LPs on cassette tapes to listen to in my car is archaic to most.  I don’t know what’s more neo-luddistic – having a bunch of records, or having a tape deck in your vehicle.


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