Current Playlist – Music I Got Online Edition

Awesome Tapes From Africa Blog

Yes! Bare witness to the  Awesome Tapes From Africa Blog!!  Before our missionaries visited and hit hard the message that homosexuals are bad. And before the local governments proposed a bill imposing the death sentence of homosexuals… they made love music, not war.

And really good music. The tape hiss is the real deal, and the cover art can’t be beat.  Most of the tapes posted are from current groups / groups from around the last ten years.

This tape pictured though? Woubeshet Feseha, 1976.

Black Moth Super Rainbow.

What a horrible band name.  It may be increasing apparent to some that I don’t get out quite as much these days as I used too.  So forgive me if this is some lame hipster shit. It sounds like it could be, but it also sounds interesting.  My references for this kind of stuff are all older – something akin to psychedelic folk pop between Strawberry Fields and a Boards of Canada / Beck collaboration. I looked up some pictures of them and got to see some of the covers of the records, and now I’m regretting even posting that I like this record.  It looks like they are trying too hard to be eccentric assholes. The kind I’d talk to once and promptly spend the rest of my days trying to evade.  Dandelion Gum is the only one I downloaded, though you can presumably get them all here.  They have a Myspace, and you can just listen to them there.  Sun Lips is a good song.  Thank you, Pittsburgh.

Woven Bones

Dear Andy, you used to live in Jacksonville.  You had some ups and downs but it’s all good and now you moved.  We mostly only hear about you through this band.  Which I’m liking.  No one really mentions Providence Union much anymore.   It reminds of me being in Andy’s room and him talking on and on about the Rolling Stones.  I’m thinking that reference won’t help you understand the music much.  You can listen on Myspace. Psych-punk revival maybe?  I like it.  Let’s hope the wash of guitars doesn’t turn to a wail.


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