Warm Hands

Warm Hands

I saw this band for the first time recently at a house show in Avondale (fancy right?).  It’s member’s draw a striking resemblance to Starring Daggers and Gypsy Spit, insofar as it’s mostly the same people.  Past accolades for due time in these acts or individual members other bands, such as Casey Jones or Skatekorpse, aside, these four gentlemen are forging ahead with something interesting.  It’s definitely chaotic hardcore. I like how the guitar isn’t over the top distorted.  But the overall sound of the band is tough, for lack of a better word.

They recently recorded a demo that you can listen to in it’s entirety here.  I haven’t messed around too much with this Bandcamp website stuff, but I like it so far.  It hosts your music for you – it won’t even let you upload MP3’s since the quality of that format is so bad. And you can set it up to charge people for the downloads etc.

The above picture is from Clay Doran’s Flickr page.  See more of those here.


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