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Twelve Hour Turn reunion show

The Sinclair last night was a blast from the past.  Twelve Hour Turn, and Army of Ponch both got back together for some fest weekend activities.  Fires, Premadonnasaurs and Landlord also fully killed it. Check out the rest of the pictures here.




I picked up my blades from Franks Industrial sharpening this morning.  All cleaned, trued up and sharpened.  It’s only a few blocks from my house too. $27 total.  Cheaper than buying one new blade of the same quality.

I didn’t want to bother them too much and be snapping a bunch of photos, but the actual shop inside is awesome.  Various machines washing and running blades back and forth. It looks like then do a lot of mail order blades.  I saw a few that were easily 25″ to 30″, I’m assuming from sawmills.  Anyway, a neat local business.

Italy Pictures

Amber and I were in Italy for two and a half weeks.  I’m just now putting up the pictures so when our parents saw them the first time, we’d be there in person to talk about them too.

Here are about 300 photos in mostly chronological order.


The friend potluck party at the house went great on Saturday.  And on Sunday Amber and I went down to Ormond to hang with the family a bit and celebrate my tri-decade-ness.

More pictures are up in my Flickr.