Thanksgiving Weekend

Had pretty great six day weekend for the holiday!  I got to pull my cousin and niece around in a wagon, amongst other things.

Had two days in Ormond for family time.   Everything is going swimmingly there.  Dinner with some extended family, and dessert with many more of them.  Pictures are up here.  I took some video of our time down there, and have been messing around with it in my new video editing program.  Pretty exciting.   Not sure if I should post that online or just email a link to family members…

Friday back up in Jacksonville meant shopping.  Walking into any store on Black Friday was a first for Amber and I.   I’ve never bought a TV before either.  So that’s two new things.  I realized about two months that if I’m going to sit in front of something at least 30 minutes a day it might as well be a fairly awesome something.

The rest of that day was spent setting up the TV (ok, ok, so we bought this Wifi/DVD/BlueRay thing to stream netflix to our TV as well). And setting up the bed that Amber’s parents gifted to us (Thanks again!).

My self imposed penance for such purchases began the next day.  Earlier in November I spent some time recaulking, scraping and painting our wooden window frames – I’d rather do that now, then have to replace them altogether in a few years.  So now, riddled with consumer guilt, I decided I should wash the windows.   The largest problem being that the windows, sash and plastic parts had never been cleaned.  Cleaning the actual window was an afterthought to the rest of the project.  Amber felt inclined too I guess, and a wonderous 4 hours was had.

As far as weekend woodworking goes I mostly finished up another set of frame and panel doors – much better than my first attempt.  I also  built an ‘already-coming-in-handy’  adjustable table / fence for my drill press, and worked up a bench dog system for workbench.  Try not to faint with excitement.

Although I might be too late, I planted the garden too. A few different types of lettuce, some radishes and some bok choy.

I also saw the new Harry Potter. I think I’m the only person in my department at the library who isn’t head over heels into it.  I DO however wonder what she’ll do from here.  Write a whole new type of series? Continue to write from within the Harry Potter world?    Stop writing altogether and take up knitting?  I wonder what’s it like to sort of feel like you can’t even fill your own shoes?


One response to “Thanksgiving Weekend

  • Jenny

    I pretty much fainted from excitement, but then I read your HP comment and that shook me up. I think you are the only person in the world (that would be the HP book obsessed world, not the “real” world) who isn’t head over heels for it. But I’m not going to hate on you for dat.

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