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Graphic Novel Workshop for parents and kids at the Main Library – Jan 15th at 3pm

On January 15th you and your child have the opportunity to learn why reading graphic novels are “really” reading! Katie Monnin, one of the most enthusiastic speakers I’ve ever heard, is coming to the Main Library.  She’s published two successful books about the literary merits of graphic novels, how to use them in the classroom, and why they rock!   As a parent, you get to come learn the who-what-when-why of you and your children reading graphic novels together, and your kids get to come and participate in a graphic novel creation activity.
It’s case it isn’t clear why this is awesome. 

1. The library is promoting graphic novels as quality reading for children to parents.  This ain’t yr grandma’s library program.

2. Having a program with an academic presenter on this topic is sort of a big deal.  We like to act like we know what we’re talking about, but those academic people really do!

3. Katie Monnin is awesome.  She’s was the speaker at our Children’s and Teen Department staff retreat last year and fully killed it.  This will most certainly be great, and educational, times had by all.


San Francisco Planning

So I’m planning how I’ll spend my time in San Francisco.

Muir Woods, check.  Alcatraz, check.  Aquarius and Ameoba records, check. Golden Gate park, Japanese Tea garden, Haight-Ashbury, King of Thai, Green Apple Books, check check check.  All exciting, all going to be awesome. 

And then I started reading about the Sutro Baths and Cliff House.  File under ‘Something I never knew existed and seems pretty neat.’ 

Wikipedia does well what it does here. And the Cliff House website has many historical pictures from the operational baths.

A good deal of the old footage in this video was taken in 1902 by Thomas Edison, Inc.