New woodshop developments / Craigslist success

So about a week ago I saw a Delta dust collector on Craigslist.

Despite having a relatively small shop space, I felt like getting one was a (literally) healthy move on my part, plus it’s something I can grow into with new tool purchases, etc.  And, ideally, it would lead to less time sweeping, and therefore more time for projects.

So I went to go check it out. It was originally $175, and over the phone we agreed to $150.

Anyway, I went to this guys house, got talking, and we settled on $150 for the dust collector with assorted ducts, gates etc. I mentioned I only have a few tools, but eventually I’m sure I’ll have a greater need for the dust collector.  It seems he was definitely wrapping up doing stuff in his woodshop, and had moved on to some laser etching thing – which was very cool.  Anyway, next thing I know he’s talking about some other tools he never uses and just hasn’t put on Craigslist yet.

And low and behold he had a 12″ Grizzly planer and let’s it go for an additional $50. A  FAAAAARRR cry from the lower end $400 Dewalt I was eyeing at Lowes.

After the initial “oooos” and “ahhs” I had to figure out where exactly I’d be keeping these new tools, the dust collector was a little larger than I thought it would be.  After some measuring, and moving other large heavy things (although these without wheels) I got the dust collector all sorted out.  Ideally, next week I’m going to start working on some sort of  rolling planer storage that can be put away under a wing of my table saw.

This already has me looking into something like this video for a flip top one. And here are some pictures of another one I found.

Of course,  I also need to put the finish on these door and get them up over the 2nd window on the music side of the garage.

The bit of time I was in the shop this weekend was mostly me holding 4″ diameter pipe over my head and trying to secure it to the ceiling for the dust collector.

Good times.


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