Shop Reorganization

So far the project I’ve put the most time into is how the shop is set up. And the last few days have been no exception. Probably because it’s a relatively small space, and also because I keep buying or acquiring tools with a large enough footprint that I can’t just throw them in a drawer.  This reminds me, my new years resolution is to not buy any more tools until I make some seriously cool stuff with the tools I have.  (This also includes the making of tools, check out Matthias Wandel’s Pantorouter and the videos on that site. This guy is an engineer genius.)

Anyway, my dad came up last weekend to help me finish a small addition to the shop – a room for my dust collector.   It’s in the far left of this picture.   It was a bit of a chore since the entire building is not square or level or anything, and all of that sort of  folds in on itself in this weird corner.  I needed a new layout because of the dust collector, and because of a new cabinet with tons of drawers  that came from my grandpa.  My mom had the idea to switch the radial arm saw and the woodshelves.  This gave me an opportunity to paint the wall, and it means the pipes for the DC won’t have to running across the ceiling to the far end of the garage for the RAS  (you like how I say ‘opportunity to paint’ – Amber is very gracious to deal with this craziness.)  It may take a village to raise a child, but clearly it takes a family to raise a woodworker.

The planer cart is currently on hold. Not just because I still have to set up the ducts for the DC, but also because it fits nicely where there old vac used to go under the radial arm saw.  I’m sure at some point I’ll get very tiring of having to pick up this heavy planer and a cart will be born.  Maybe not one that goes under the table saw wing though.  I’ve found some good designs on converting that space into a router table.  Hmm..   New years resolutions are dumb.


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