This Totally Sucks

Har har.

This weekend I finished reorganizing the shop and got the new dust collector installed.  Three gated drops all kept at 4″ pipe.  Table saw, radial arm saw and a 3″ diameter vacuum flex hose at the end at the main workbench. One switch turns on the DC and then gives power to the table saw.  The top outlet gives power to the switch and bottom outlet. At first I was going to just leave the outlet in the dust collector room. But, although having a cord plug in and go into the wall looks sort of odd, I’m already glad I left another outlet available.  A hinged door makes emptying the DC bag easy.

I enclosed the table saw as much as I could.  This way the vacuum works optimally. The board on the side with the motor is easy to remove with wing nuts if I’m tilting the blade. It has enough flex to it to move the table saw to accommodate larger boards.  I’ve already added an extension cord to keep the cord out of the way a bit more.

Previously when I had the dust collector hooked up to the radial arm saw, the flew hose had to get down to 2″ in diameter to fit the dust chute. This severely limited the air movement of the dust collector.  I made sure this time to keep the diameter 4″ the whole way.

At $5.00 a piece new, I was glad the dust collector I bought came with 5 gates. Unfortunately they were all caulked and taped to other bits of flex hose and pipe that didn’t fit into what I was doing.   I was able to quickly sand off the old caulk on the gates to get a better seal.

Fun times!


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