New woodshop developments / Craigslist success

So about a week ago I saw a Delta dust collector on Craigslist.

Despite having a relatively small shop space, I felt like getting one was a (literally) healthy move on my part, plus it’s something I can grow into with new tool purchases, etc.  And, ideally, it would lead to less time sweeping, and therefore more time for projects.

So I went to go check it out. It was originally $175, and over the phone we agreed to $150.

Anyway, I went to this guys house, got talking, and we settled on $150 for the dust collector with assorted ducts, gates etc. I mentioned I only have a few tools, but eventually I’m sure I’ll have a greater need for the dust collector.  It seems he was definitely wrapping up doing stuff in his woodshop, and had moved on to some laser etching thing – which was very cool.  Anyway, next thing I know he’s talking about some other tools he never uses and just hasn’t put on Craigslist yet.

And low and behold he had a 12″ Grizzly planer and let’s it go for an additional $50. A  FAAAAARRR cry from the lower end $400 Dewalt I was eyeing at Lowes.

After the initial “oooos” and “ahhs” I had to figure out where exactly I’d be keeping these new tools, the dust collector was a little larger than I thought it would be.  After some measuring, and moving other large heavy things (although these without wheels) I got the dust collector all sorted out.  Ideally, next week I’m going to start working on some sort of  rolling planer storage that can be put away under a wing of my table saw.

This already has me looking into something like this video for a flip top one. And here are some pictures of another one I found.

Of course,  I also need to put the finish on these door and get them up over the 2nd window on the music side of the garage.

The bit of time I was in the shop this weekend was mostly me holding 4″ diameter pipe over my head and trying to secure it to the ceiling for the dust collector.

Good times.


Graphic Novel Workshop for parents and kids at the Main Library – Jan 15th at 3pm

On January 15th you and your child have the opportunity to learn why reading graphic novels are “really” reading! Katie Monnin, one of the most enthusiastic speakers I’ve ever heard, is coming to the Main Library.  She’s published two successful books about the literary merits of graphic novels, how to use them in the classroom, and why they rock!   As a parent, you get to come learn the who-what-when-why of you and your children reading graphic novels together, and your kids get to come and participate in a graphic novel creation activity.
It’s case it isn’t clear why this is awesome. 

1. The library is promoting graphic novels as quality reading for children to parents.  This ain’t yr grandma’s library program.

2. Having a program with an academic presenter on this topic is sort of a big deal.  We like to act like we know what we’re talking about, but those academic people really do!

3. Katie Monnin is awesome.  She’s was the speaker at our Children’s and Teen Department staff retreat last year and fully killed it.  This will most certainly be great, and educational, times had by all.

San Francisco Planning

So I’m planning how I’ll spend my time in San Francisco.

Muir Woods, check.  Alcatraz, check.  Aquarius and Ameoba records, check. Golden Gate park, Japanese Tea garden, Haight-Ashbury, King of Thai, Green Apple Books, check check check.  All exciting, all going to be awesome. 

And then I started reading about the Sutro Baths and Cliff House.  File under ‘Something I never knew existed and seems pretty neat.’ 

Wikipedia does well what it does here. And the Cliff House website has many historical pictures from the operational baths.

A good deal of the old footage in this video was taken in 1902 by Thomas Edison, Inc.

Thanksgiving Weekend

Had pretty great six day weekend for the holiday!  I got to pull my cousin and niece around in a wagon, amongst other things.

Had two days in Ormond for family time.   Everything is going swimmingly there.  Dinner with some extended family, and dessert with many more of them.  Pictures are up here.  I took some video of our time down there, and have been messing around with it in my new video editing program.  Pretty exciting.   Not sure if I should post that online or just email a link to family members…

Friday back up in Jacksonville meant shopping.  Walking into any store on Black Friday was a first for Amber and I.   I’ve never bought a TV before either.  So that’s two new things.  I realized about two months that if I’m going to sit in front of something at least 30 minutes a day it might as well be a fairly awesome something.

The rest of that day was spent setting up the TV (ok, ok, so we bought this Wifi/DVD/BlueRay thing to stream netflix to our TV as well). And setting up the bed that Amber’s parents gifted to us (Thanks again!).

My self imposed penance for such purchases began the next day.  Earlier in November I spent some time recaulking, scraping and painting our wooden window frames – I’d rather do that now, then have to replace them altogether in a few years.  So now, riddled with consumer guilt, I decided I should wash the windows.   The largest problem being that the windows, sash and plastic parts had never been cleaned.  Cleaning the actual window was an afterthought to the rest of the project.  Amber felt inclined too I guess, and a wonderous 4 hours was had.

As far as weekend woodworking goes I mostly finished up another set of frame and panel doors – much better than my first attempt.  I also  built an ‘already-coming-in-handy’  adjustable table / fence for my drill press, and worked up a bench dog system for workbench.  Try not to faint with excitement.

Although I might be too late, I planted the garden too. A few different types of lettuce, some radishes and some bok choy.

I also saw the new Harry Potter. I think I’m the only person in my department at the library who isn’t head over heels into it.  I DO however wonder what she’ll do from here.  Write a whole new type of series? Continue to write from within the Harry Potter world?    Stop writing altogether and take up knitting?  I wonder what’s it like to sort of feel like you can’t even fill your own shoes?

Constantly awesome library times.

Storytime today was about harvest.  More specifically Hip Hop Harvest w/ special guest Flava Flav.  We made food necklaces complete with clocks on them.  Next week is the time change, so check your clocks ya’ll!
After lunch… meeting with a rad UNF professor who is doing a class for parents at the library about why graphic novels are good for kids.  Then meeting with Pete from Sweet Pete’s about doing an awesome candy making class for kids.

Good times!


Twelve Hour Turn reunion show

The Sinclair last night was a blast from the past.  Twelve Hour Turn, and Army of Ponch both got back together for some fest weekend activities.  Fires, Premadonnasaurs and Landlord also fully killed it. Check out the rest of the pictures here.



I picked up my blades from Franks Industrial sharpening this morning.  All cleaned, trued up and sharpened.  It’s only a few blocks from my house too. $27 total.  Cheaper than buying one new blade of the same quality.

I didn’t want to bother them too much and be snapping a bunch of photos, but the actual shop inside is awesome.  Various machines washing and running blades back and forth. It looks like then do a lot of mail order blades.  I saw a few that were easily 25″ to 30″, I’m assuming from sawmills.  Anyway, a neat local business.