Here’s some projects in order of newest first…

Here is the newer set of window covering frame and panel doors. Not yet finished and up.

Here is the first set done and up.

I started some frame and panel doors to act as indoor shutters on my garage window.  Cutting the raised panel definitely helped me figure out I needed to buy a new blade.  It also prompted me to find out there is a industrial blade sharpening place five blocks from my house.

I finished the radial arm saw cabinet and outfeed table.

Other posts about the cabinet design, and cleaning up the saw, etc are found here, here, here and here. That’s not confusing, is it?


I started making two boxes. They have mitered corner joints with keys, or splines, of contrasting wood in the corners. I had to make a jig to hold the boxes at a 45 degree angle to the blade for the spline cuts.


I built these corner shelves to go behind out front door. It’s the first step towards having furniture in the house either match the trim and be part of the house, or match other furniture. These replaced a sort of weird modernish looking shelf we had sitting in the corner.


The 4×4’s in this project came from discarded materials from construction on the 95/I-10 interchange. It still cost a bit to build, but it’s already been a very helpful addition to the shop. I probably spent way too long reading about workbench design. The under-carriage of the top has a rib like structure to support holes for a bench-dog clamp system should I ever need something like that.


And of course the day after I got my table saw I made a trivet.


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